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HP252 - Dry clean heat in large working areas – create ideal working conditions in no time.

HP252 - open-plan area heater in action
HP252 - open-plan area heater in action
HP252 - open-plan area heater, control panel
HP252 - open-plan area heater in action
HP252 - open-plan area heater in action
HP252 - open-plan area heater, control panel
Wacker Neuson's HP252 is the perfect choice to heat various structures and very large open-plan spaces. HP252's innovative hydronic system produces clean, dry warm air, which can be conducted to a maximum of 16 different areas with the aid of liquid-to-air heat exchangers. Even in cold temperature the HP252 ensures perfect working conditions, helps to dry out spaces, defrost and preheat equipment, and many other processes. When fitted with suitable accessories the HP252 can also be used as a ground heater (see HSH).
  • Central heating unit saves up to 50 % in fuel compared to decentralized heaters.
  • Innovative hydronic system: The burner heats a glycol-water-mixture. The liquid is then pumped through hoses that are connected to one or more heat exchangers.
  • Up to 16 heat exchangers can be connected. Quick-connect coupling enables easy assembly of all hoses. Heat exchangers can be set up to 60 meters awayfrom the heater – at a height of up to 30 meters (accessories required).
  • An electric winch makes rolling up the hoses quick and easy when the system is dismantled.
  • Great mobility: Skid or trailer-mounted available. The lifting points help to position the HP252 on the job site.

Heater competence to the last detail.


Enhanced safety
Secure operation due to flame detector,
overheating protection and other safety
Significant saving potential
Save time, resources and operating costs due to our highly efficient technologies.
Easy to transport
With the assembled trailers, integrated
wheels, lifting lugs and forklift straps
attached the heater can easily be transported to your construction site.
Range of products
Find the right heater for your projects amongst the range of performance variations.
Awarded performance
Particularly economical or environmentally friendly products are labeled with the ECO seal.

Highly efficient, thanks to the closed heating liquid circuit.

Powerful burners heat the heat transfer fluid, which uses a pump to circulate within the heating circuit.

Connection of heat exchangers for air heating for:
  • Drying structural works, wall plaster and paint
  • Heating industrial buildings and tents
  • Drying rooms or basements after flooding

Please note that product availability can vary from country to country. It is possible that information / products may not be available in your country.

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