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Versatile transport helper for the rigors of construction sites

No matter if soil, sand or plants: Wheel loaders are irreplaceable as transportation helpers. With the new WL28 Wacker Neuson proves once again that the compact construction and high load capacity of the machine as well as a high degree of flexibility can be merged without problems.

Wheel loaders are used where a flexible and reliable machine for material transport is needed. In addition, the machines must be designed so that they can also handle the requirements of confined spaces. Exactly this is one of the strengths of the new wheel loader. Thanks to its compact dimensions and low operating weight, which allow transport on a conventional car trailer, and a low headroom of less than 2.3 meters, most buildings are no problem for it. Customers, who have opted for a cab with foldable driver canopy (EPS) in the configuration of the wheel loader, can even reduce the clearance even more. With a tipping load of 1.9 tonnes, transport goods - for example a pallet full of paving stones with up to eight layers of stone - can be easily transported. Additionally, the loading of construction trucks is no problem.

On construction sites, busy operation is commonplace, thus a free field of vision in the work area is essential. To ensure this, the height of the front carriage was kept deliberately low on the WL28. Subsequently, the operator has a great view of the attachments at any time, which significantly facilitates their operation and their replacement.

Thanks to a short wheel base and an articulated pendulum joint, the WL28 not only has a high stability but is also extremely versatile with an oscillating angle of 12 degrees. Tight turning radii are no problem thanks to an articulation angle of 44 degrees. A connectible 100% differential lock ensures that the wheel loader has maximum traction even on difficult surfaces. The result: high propulsive power with low ground impact and that exactly when the circumstances require it.

A performance hydraulic with up to 58.5 l/min enables the trouble-free operation of hydraulic attachments such as mowers, sweepers, concrete mixing blades or weed broom and thus increases the overall productivity of the vehicle. A wide range of attachments not only expands the range of applications of the wheel loader, but also increase its efficiency. One special feature of the Wacker Neuson wheel loader is the tilting cab, as this considerably facilitates service access to hydraulics, hoses and engine and thus ensures a fast and uncomplicated maintenance; this results in shorter downtimes.