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Visiting Wacker Neuson

Getting to know the world of Wacker Neuson–that was the goal of the Wacker Neuson event week. At the Reichertshofen site, customers and dealers from all over Europe and the Middle East were able to extensively test products and exchange ideas with colleagues and experts. On Saturday, visitors from Reichertshofen and the surrounding area could then visit Wacker Neuson on the open house day.

"With the Wacker Neuson Universe event, we want to bring the Wacker Neuson brand to life and make it a tangible experience for our customers and dealers. The idea behind it: We want to show the added value that we offer our customers–with the reliability and performance of our products, but also with important features that make their everyday work life much easier–in a practical and fun way," says CSO Alexander Greschner. "This week is of great importance to us, because the direct exchange with our dealers and customers is a central concern. We were able to welcome almost all European dealers and more than 400 key customers and generate enthusiasm for the company."

The open house on Saturday, 13 May 2017 was a great success: Around 5,000 visitors came to the Wacker Neuson site, which was open from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. In addition to employees, relatives and friends of the company, many people who live close by joined the event. The visitors were enthusiastic about the program, such as the guided tours, the visit of the new test facilities and the product tests, among others. "We were expecting many visitors but the number of people was really overwhelming!", says Helmut Bauer, Managing Director Wacker Neuson Reichertshofen. "This was a huge opportunity to present Wacker Neuson in the region and to draw attention to the company as an employer and as a training organization." At the same time as the open house, Wacker Neuson held a Training Day in order to provide information to young people about the company's training opportunities. Current apprentices, employees and trainers were happy to provide information and share their experience.